Questions & Empathy

Questions & Empathy

A bespoke deck of 56 cards and guidebook, designed to enable empathic thinking

Seeking clearer understanding or deeper connections? Let these cards guide your conversation and exploration. Finely-tuned over several years through Sub Rosa's popular Applied Empathy series and the studio's unique approach to client work, Questions & Empathy has inspired empathic exchanges for top creatives and businesspeople alike.

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Praise for Q&E


"If you're looking for a safe, playful way to explore your empathetic side, these cards are a good place to start."


"Helps to resurrect empathy as a powerful workplace tool for both efficiency and social harmony."

Absolutely loving this deck of cards
designed by Sub Rosa to enable empathic thinking.
The cards ultimately act as permissions slips, giving you the opportunity to ask questions that you otherwise might shy away from.
The cards encourage you to reflect on how empathy does or does not show up in your life without self-judgement or self-critique—an approach that is actually quite refreshing.
— Alyssa Benjamin; Retail Communications Manager, Eileen Fisher
West Point’s mission is to build leaders of character. The cards proved to be a thought-provoking and vital tool for our cadets and faculty to understand themselves and each other. Ultimately, this creates very self-aware and transformational leaders.
— Captain Justin Bokmeyer; Army West Point Athletic Department

About the Studio


Sub Rosa is a design and strategy studio located in Manhattan’s West Village. We ground our work in empathy to stimulate meaningful conversations, behaviors, relationships, and memories.

Our unique approach to design, Applied Empathy, was developed to help our team of multidisciplinary creatives more effectively explore, learn, and grow.

We hope that Questions & Empathy will help you do the same.

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